Mary Simmons – Camano Island Art Glass

A Pacific Northwest Fine Glass Artist, Mary has been creating glass art for over 15 years. Fused glass is her passion and she creates amazing pieces with very dynamic, unique and always evolving processes.

Mary collaborates with Howard Lamp Company to create the Carol Hall Glass Designs, or will work with you to create custom lighting pieces.

The translucent nature of glass provides for an infinite palate of colors and textures, which Mary enjoys customizing for you.
She is a pleasure to work with to create your custom glass art shade and functional pieces to fit your interior designs.  

Mary has trained with some of the nation’s most acclaimed glass artists and continues to collaborate with artists from the world re-known Pilchuck Glass School and artists from the Bullseye Glass Company.

She worked with award-winning designers for the prestigious, Seattle Street of Dreams, providing Glass Art for distinguished,designer homes.
Her studio, Camano Island Art Glass, is located near LaConner, Washington, surrounded by the beautiful tulip fields of Skagit Valley and close to the serene and peaceful Puget Sound waters.
When designing her glass art pieces, Mary considers the effects of light saturation and texture to tempt the imagination.
Glass Fusing Process:
Once designed, the chosen glasses and design elements are created, cut and assembled onto a kiln shelf for heating the glass so it melts together up to a temperature of 1490 degrees and cooled at a gentle rate to avoid stress in the glass. Once cooled, the flat glass is placed over or into custom stainless steel molds, and then re-heated to about 1200 degrees until the flat glass forms into the desired shape. The overall fusing and slumping process generally takes about 40 hours of heating and cooling.
Mary may be reached at:
Fax: 877.537.8548
Cell: 206.795.7909.